Easy Ways to Know if Your Home Needs More Insulation

Easy Ways to Know if Your Home Needs More Insulation

As winter approaches, how do you know if your home needs more insulation?  We have a few easy ways to know if you could warm up your home and lower your heating costs by adding insulation.

1.  Do you have insects or rodents in your home?  

The same openings used by these critters to enter your home also allow cold air into your home.  So, if insects or rodents are a problem in your home, it can be an indication that you could benefit from more insulation.

2. Are your energy bills increasing each year? 

Insulation can settle, leaving unprotected areas in your home.  One way you might notice this is an increase in your heating bill when comparing the last few years costs.  A qualified technician can add insulation to your attic floors, basement ceilings and wall spaces to help reduce your heating costs.

3.  Cold walls, floors or ceilings in your home?

As the temperature drops outside, do you notice that your floors are cold?  Touch your ceilings and walls...are they cold to the touch?  If you notice damp or cold walls, this is a sign that your home needs more insulation to keep the cold winter weather out of your home.  

4.  Do you feel drafts in your home?

In the winter months, do you notice drafts in your home?  This is caused by cold air coming into your home through window frames and doorways.  Adding insulation can eliminate these "cold spots" and may also help lower your heating bills!

Need more information from a Professional? 

When you Schedule an On-Site Consultation , we'll send a pleasant, professional uniformed employee to your home to do a physical walk-through. Unlike competitors, we don't "guesstimate" - our team members will actually go into the attic to give you an accurate quote and ensure you're informed about all of your options in insulation. If you're tired of problems with sub-par insulation or being too hot or cold in your favorite rooms, take a stand: call NCI Insulation today and discover how easy it is to enjoy true comfort in your home.


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