Ask yourself these 3 questions before starting your insulation project

Ask yourself these 3 questions before starting your insulation project


Insulation has a wealth of benefits to offer; a savvy buyer knows that matching type and area is the best way to optimize those benefits in the long run. If you have a project but don't know how to pick the best insulation for it, ask yourself these three questions:

Where will the insulation be installed? 

The location of your insulation - both in the structure of the building itself, as well as the surrounding environment - is the most important consideration. Fiberglass insulation, for example, won't retain moisture, making it ideal for applications like basements. 

How will the insulation be installed?

If you're not able to get into your insulation area with ease, you will likely need a fiberglass type unique to your application. Foam insulation, for example, can be sprayed directly into cinderblock walls for minimal mess. Depending on how accessible your intended wall(s) are and the amount of area you need to cover, you may need solutions like foam or spray foam.

Why is the insulation being installed?

If your primary goal in using insulation is simply energy savings and temperature stability, you may have different product needs than a homeowner primarily concerned with noise reduction. The performance benefits of your insulation may be mostly passive post-installation, but they should still be your main point of guidance while you're considering your options.

Want to ensure that your chosen insulation is a good fit for your project expectations? Partner with an expert NCI representative for a free on-site consultation and you'll enjoy unprecedented peace of mind. Their trained eyes will be able to spot potential concerns and offer tailored advice that will match you to the perfect insulation product and keep your building both comfortable and quiet, no matter what's going on outside your door. Call today to make an appointment!

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